the honest kitchen dog food reviews

I have resorted to trial and error (my poor dog!). To lose weight, you can slightly decrease the amount of food you’re feeding and replace the difference with green beans (this is what I do). There are many factors to consider when choosing the best pet food brand for your pet. If there is any insight on my situation, I am open to feedback. Way better than we ate in the military together. Dehydrated dog food is one of the most nutrient-packed options you’ll come by. I didn’t realize the difference between dehydrated & freeze-dried, so that is also good to know. We made the switch to Sojos and she LOVES it, but one of the main ingredients is egg which I have thought in the past was also something she didn’t do so well with, and her poops (although better consistency) increased from twice a day to three or four. The Honest Kitchen Fish Recipe Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food, 10-lb box $116.37 Autoship & Save $122.49 $124.99 I also discovered that our dog loves Coconut Oil, so I’ve been freezing that & cutting into pieces for treats. I went to ground organic tirkey, cooked with veggies untill my dog started getting sensitivity to turkey & chicken. I am more comfortable feeding dehydrated than raw. Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber, vitamins C, B6, beta-carotene, and manganese. You can add more or less to alter the texture, depending on how your pet likes their food. I am not a veterinarian, canine/animal nutritionist, or dog trainer. What I liked about Sojos is that it was more affordable than The Honest Kitchen and the packages were larger, which was appealing to someone raising several dogs. Copyright© 2011-2020 Kimberly Gauthier. I came home today to find him vomiting (in his crate) which then spread throughout the house 3-4 more times and smelled terrible/skunky. He came with worms and parasites and had to endure treatment for all of them, and ended up with a depleted gut! Find other dog lovers who feed the foods to get an idea of how long a bag or box will last so that you can see if the food fits in your budget. The Honest Kitchen is no longer open to questions about their food, ingredients, or sourcing. Well, we have been doing Preference with a large tablespoon of HK bone broth and an egg… mixed with the raw “protein” of the day x2 times per… London broil, fish, or lean chicken breast. To properly compare Wellness and The Honest Kitchen, we'll use up-to-date nutritional and price information.. Wellness vs. Can you please tell me what variety you were feeding your kitty with IBD? I have a 1 year old 57 lb female Pitbull (Harley) and when I took her in at 3 months old, the previous owners gave me a bag of Merrick that they had been feeding her. Thank you so much for sharing. Otherwise, I balance over time. The formula is grain-free too, and contains no artificial preservatives, making it an ideal option for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. Pet food quality standards . Not saying its ideal but its also not a sign that a product is a bad product.” ~ Kevin. The only critiques I have of the grain-free foods are the white potatoes in some of the recipes (Love, Embark, and Force) and the lack of protein options (only chicken, beef, turkey, fish). Pet Food Reviewer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Or could it be the protein that it’s in the food – are you alternating the options? My question is do you think he is ok on the Embark plus raw? We love THK. Every bag of Honest Kitchen food is sourced and assembled in the USA. This blog is so helpful – thank you. The formula also contains omega three and six fatty acids, for a healthy coat and soothed skin. I am hoping that eventually I can find an affordable way to provide her with better nutrition (as I continue to research) and omit the kibble entirely. Below we discuss how dehydrated dog food differs from its conventional counterparts, how it could benefit your dog, and what buying options you have. Treats Unleashed has the partially used second bag. RAW. Add meat before or after blending? I recently had the blood and liver checked on one of my dogs, and the results were right on the mark. Tasty free-range chicken is the primary ingredient, giving dogs the lean protein they need. THK is a much better choice. They now have resources and funds to provide their customers with more options; better options. I wasn't 100% convinced or impressed with the food. It’s easy to prepare, too – just add water. Made to FDA standards in a human food factory, the dehydrated food features organic ingredients and a carefully blended recipe. Now I purchase “grinds” from a raw food distributor or purchase 5 lb chubs (grinds) that include meat, organs, and bone from such companies as Primal, Stella & Chewy, Tucker, when I can find them on sale. The blend also supports your dog’s overall health, with iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Freeze-drying is a slightly more complex process. A few veterinary professionals are concerned that some raw foods - the ones which feature uncooked meat - could contain harmful bacteria, which would be killed in the conventional cooking process. Once you … The Honest Kitchen Dog Food review and analysis to help you choose if The Honest Kitchen is best for your dog. He is very hungry all the time now and I’m feeding more than suggested already , and decided to add THK. My 10 pound Yorkie has Bladder Stone issues and her vet wants her to go on Commercial dog food (Royal Canin SO). ), antioxidants (carotenoids, flavonoids, etc.) How did you become a certified pet nutritionist? The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 32%, a fat level of 20% and estimated carbohydrates of about 41%. First, can you confirm the poops will be more often and more than with kibble – as normal? Made with size organic grains and nine varieties of vegetable, the food is a perfect base for natural feeding – just add meat. At first, I was feeding my labrador retriever Purina kibble (AS RECOMMENDED BY MY VET… WHAT?!). Hi Nicole, there are already bugs in our food. Dehydration is one of the oldest forms of food preservation - without moisture, microorganisms which would otherwise break down the food are inhibited. I haven’t tried THK with him but I should just to see what he thinks. They feel that she will need to be on the RX food for the rest of her life as a preventative. It’s also a really nice in-between for folks who want to feed a higher-quality diet, but either can’t or aren’t ready to completely commit to a full raw diet. This allows the water inside to evaporate away. I can't afford one and the other was acquired by WellPet. So I switched her to THK (also it’s available closer to home). Is that a good place for them to get it from? Many dehydrated foods are grain free, making them a great option for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. I did not realize until yesterday morning that every time I opened the bag to get a serving out for my dog, gnats were coming out of the bag. We tend to do fish only once per week. She had dandruff. I spent time combing through the different offerings to … No worries, the folks of THK sent several boxes of The Honest Kitchen, and I was able to see that I was paying for the convenience and quality. I don’t feed The Honest Kitchen to my dogs anymore; instead, I alternate food from Dr. Harvey’s: The food is also free from artificial additives, GMO ingredients, byproducts or fillers, so it’s gentle on canine stomachs. Science diet is pushed by Vets because just like pharma drugs they get “incentives” for offering it. These foods are made using a process very similar to dehydration, with one crucial different: no heat is added. The ingredients are of impeccable quality. Instead, I add a spoonful from time to time as a boost. Thanks for clearing that up, Kevin – I’ll update this blog post with this news for others who come across my blog. Pics of : Honest Kitchen Dog Food Reviews. Some dehydrated foods have a significantly higher fat content than their conventional counterparts, so this kind of diet may not be suitable if your dog is overweight. Their grain-free patties are perfect for sensitive stomachs, and provide pooches with a simple, protein-rich meal. Omega fatty acids promote healthy skin and hair, while ground bones and natural enzymes help to keep doggie teeth clean and fresh. When I finally got him to quit his kibble habit, I began feeding Cosmo wet food along with freeze-dried raw. Stella & Chewy have also found their way onto our list, with one of the best freeze dried dog foods on the market right now. Can Raw Feeders Freeze Eggs for Their Dogs? I am finding it difficult the more I research to get a straight answer on dog nutrition. My cat enjoys freeze-dried Minnows from Vital Essentials. I can go through a box or bag of dehydrated dog food quickly. That being said, you'd think that this post is a solid recommendation for Sojos, a freeze-dried product – ummmm, keep reading. I, too, am a Certified Holistic Pet Health Specialist, and am very well-versed in the area of holistic nutrition. Cosmo refuses so he eats Weruva (in pouches) and freeze-dried raw from Vital Essentials Raw. They offer nutritionally complete meals, which can be stored anywhere cool and dry, and prepared with just a little water. I just wanted to comment about Sojo’s and THK. Having seeing a few dehydrated dog food reviews, we hope you’ve been able to work out whether this feeding option is the right choice for your pet. Sojos are well-known name in the world of freeze dried dog food brands, and they’ve earned their own spot on our list with this raw turkey food mix. With freeze-dried dog food, frozen food is put in a vacuum chamber in which the ice is evaporated. I left THK as on multiple occasions, and from multiple boxes I found ground up blue plastic in the mix. NOT. *  Because of that experience (which repeated at several pet stores), I won't buy any of their products for my dogs. This is why I think freeze-dried dog food is superior to dehydrated. Within days of adding THK, I noticed her coat was more lustrous, and her energy improved. ), Raw Feeding 101 - Learn to Transition Your Dog to Raw Dog Food. I wasn't able to find a page on their site that lists sourcing information, which is important to me, especially because there was a time when Sojos sourced ingredients (one or two of the vegetables) from China. The very culprits who create dog food from mystery sources, add fillers, and junk in their kibble. Clear up the diet and you achieve health for humans and pets. While DIY is a lot of work, it’s easier to balance for me when I make food in large batches. These foods are made by removing almost all of the water from a set of ingredients. This has recently changed and I don't knock the company for being more private, I just prefer a higher level of transparency than they currently offer. Each element of the food is made with human grade ingredients, without the use of dyes, chemicals, or preservatives. Our results have been fantastic. Owners say that dogs love the taste, and even notice a positive change in their coat condition. I chose Vital Essentials because it's a solid brand and my cat and dogs love their food. My daughter was dog sitting a dog who had severe rashes and was losing his hair and they started him on this food and the rash went away and the dog has been healthy ever since. They are highly nutritious and gentle on sensitive stomachs. i really want to know what food i can cook or buy her as i am sick of these pet shop people trying to sell dog food that is the same as the last shop only with the extra $$$ on it. I’ve tried THK and Sojos in the past and wondering if I should try THK again since it’s not technically raw. I don't believe dogs need grains in their diet, and I also found the recipes to be too rich for my dogs; a meal was too heavy on the digestive system, even for Sydney and Zoey, two dogs with an iron stomach.

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