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I would suggest baking the casserole at 425 degrees for a total of about 45 minutes, but check your pasta towards the end because the cooking time can vary depending on a few factors (type of dish, the heat of your oven, type of pasta, etc). Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for posting it on Jebbica's World Link Party today. Simmer for about … You literally toss together some dry pasta, some frozen (fully cooked) meatballs, marinara sauce, and water in a big baking dish. The amount of liquid that you use shouldn't have to change, assuming that you're still using 1 lb. If you're using a more traditional dry pasta, it should work fine -- so long as the cooking time for the dry pasta is about the same as the short pasta used in the recipe. Thanks, Gayle! I just updated the recipe to correct it. Blair...I'll be trying more of your ideas!! . I'm gonna try this using my beef broth instead of water. I've always been hesitant to assemble this dish in advance because I worry that the uncooked pasta might soak up too much liquid before it goes in the oven, resulting in a mushy or weird texture at the end. instagram Wonderful! Your addition sounds delicious! I do not recommend freezing this casserole because pasta has a tendency to get gummy and mushy when thawed. Christine! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a note, and I'm so glad that you've found my site. But this made me feel like cheating. Should i put the leftovers in refrigerator? I think this is best when prepared and then baked within a few hours. You'll need 3 cups of water. © This looks delicious. Yes and yes! I doubled the recipe for a pot luck and added a bag of Italian vegetables. Cook meatballs in the pan with onion until golden brown, 7 to 10 minutes. Assemble pressure lid, making sure the pressure release valve is in the SEAL position. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Combine all meatball ingredients and form into 1″ balls. I'll make sure to use a 9x13 next time! I have used both rotini and a mini penne, which work well. Everyone loves a nice saucy Pasta Bake recipe! Made this for dinner tonight and it was great! . I hope it turns out okay. Was most of the liquid absorbed by the pasta at that point? This Meatball Pasta Bake is a rich and delicious comfort food dish that you can also pack out with vegetables. Thanks, Shelly!! The instructions worked great as-is with no modifications. However , I am wondering why it is necessary to thaw the frozen meatballs since it is cooking for awhile. Thanks for another great recipe Blair! You can even freeze cheese to keep it fresh if you're worried that you won't have any in your refrigerator when you need it. I feel like I can actually cook now and I feel way more comfortable in the kitchen. I don't know for sure...just a guess. Awesome! Look forward to trying many more of your recipes, mainly for quick weeknight meals. Serve this with a side salad and some crusty bread. I want it to work for you because it's so good! If you want to bake it in advance, I would suggest covering it with foil and baking it in a 350 degree oven for 20-30 minutes, or until just heated through. Remove the cover, give the pasta a stir, and sprinkle cheese over top. Loved this. Unsubscribe at any time. Noodles weren’t mushy. Quick reply would be great as I wanna make it tonight! As I get older these dishes fit with my lifestyle. I made this tonight. If it's possible, can you share any brands that are Blair approved? Hi, Lori! Enjoy. Anyway, I love that I can make sure to have these things on hand waiting for a busy night. Enjoy! I like the idea I can have everything on hand as the Winters here are nasty. Would this work with penne pasta? I made this for dinner tonight and although it came out looking like the picture, it was bland and tasteless. Yay! A wonderful recipe, thanks for sharing your information. Content and photographs are copyright protected. I added I talian seasonung and, after tasting the pasta to be sure it was al dente, I added a can of fire roasted tomatoes to try to give it some taste. That's great, Jasmin! The pasta will start to absorb the liquid as it sits, and I just think that the texture is a bit off once it does that. Enjoy! Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. In a 9 x 13-inch baking dish, stir together uncooked pasta, marinara sauce, water, and meatballs. That said, I have had many readers tell me that they enjoy the leftovers reheated. After trying this meatball pasta bake you’ll never have to wonder ‘what to serve with meatballs … Hi, Shelley! Could not find cocktail sized meatballs but the regular size works just fine. Can't wait.. Hope that helps! I would also include a salad and a fresh loaf of bread or dinner rolls for her family to serve on the side. I was wondering if you can substitute regular sized meatballs for the mini meatballs? Casseroles involving pasta, like a cheesy baked penne or a spaghetti casserole, are always welcome potluck at work or as the main attraction for any crowd! You can use it immediately for the pasta bake or leave it to the next day. Italian cuisine (and pasta specifically) is always a big hit in my house. . Your email address will not be published. Weird. It does look delicious! Hi! It turns out perfect every time. Looks delicious! There's a full recipe card with ingredients and instructions at the bottom of the post. Something larger would definitely need more time, though. I just made this tonight. facebook I use a Corningware oval baker and I leave it in the oven for closer to an hour and it works great. Holly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. I know they are just going to love it. Should I cook it completely and then bring it over, or should I just prep it? Yay! Thanks again!! I would use the following: Go forth and enjoy it ????❤️. Awesome! I ran into your site by accident and so happy I did! Thanks for letting us know, Stephanie! Reduce the heat to low/medium, and add the parsley and heavy cream. Love how easy this is! I fried hamburger rather than the meatballs and added a can of sliced black olives. Crunchy noodles and annoyed hungry kids. So I like the fact the whole family can enjoy this. Makes a lot so plenty for leftovers which we love. Season with salt to taste; stir. . I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, Laura! I do a version of this, but don’t even cook the meat. Everyone loves pasta and meatballs! I am interested in making this recipe. The key with any slow cooker pasta recipe is to make sure that you don't over cook the pasta and make it mushy. You will need to drastically alter the amount of liquid in the dish, though, because the cooked pasta won't absorb the water like the raw pasta will. So I'll try this recipe BUT with no-salt-added pasta sauce (yeah, it is out there -- just gotta Google it) and instead of pre-made meatballs I'll use (pick one) browned hamburger, shaved steak or chicken (both sold by the package in our local grocery -- very low sodium), browned ground turkey, etc. Happy Thanksgiving 2018 to you and your family! It makes me really happy to know that this recipe helps you get food on the table for so many others. Hi, Kyla! That said, it definitely will not hurt to saute them first. Could you use Alfredo sauce instead of marinara? If you give it a shot, let me know! Fed it to some guests for dinner with and it was a hit. . Meatball Pasta Bake. Thank you for the recipe! Thank you. My youngest just arrived from his duty station for the holiday and wifey isn't home from work. Sorry , I’m assuming your advice on these questions would be he best! This Gluten-Free Weeknight Baked Meatball Penne Pasta Casserole is a healthier classic recipe for the entire family! I made this for my family and it was excellent! Just enjoy the cooking and don't worry about it. . of pasta. Cover tightly with aluminum foil and bake for 35 minutes. If your pasta shapes need longer (or shorter), just adjust the time in the oven accordingly. Do you know if this could be done in an instant pot? Just depends on how much time you want to spend on the prep! Now before I can send you the free 10-Minute Miracles download, you need to check your email to confirm your subscription. Frozen meatballs also include a lot of sodium, so if you're trying watch the sodium intake, you could use homemade meatballs instead. I would suggest simmering the meatballs and liquid for a couple of hours on LOW. . Do you use regular noodles that don't specifically say oven ready? With only 5 simple ingredients, family-friendly weeknight dinners don't get much better than this! I never been too much of a cook but now I am trying especially with my new family so Thanks! Thanks so much, Trisha! Is the picture misleading, because step 2 of the recipe reads: "In a large baking dish (about 9 x 13), stir together uncooked pasta, marinara sauce, water, and meatballs. Grease a large casserole dish. I was wondering if this could be modified for the crockpot, or if it would be ok if I prepped it and put it in the fridge so it’s ready for my husband to just put it in the oven. Here's the deal, though: I think that this type of dump-and-bake dish is best when it's assembled just before baking. Combine all meatball ingredients and form into 1″ balls. For the pasta bake you will only need half of it. Just be careful not to overcook the pasta in the slow cooker or it will become mushy. I'm still kind of a newbie with the Instant Pot, so I haven't experimented with cooking pasta in it. I would just stir everything together in the dish (prepping it for her), and then give it to her to bake fresh at her house. Hi, Beth! One warning...some have asked about doing this in a crockpot. Also, the size/type of pasta that you used could make a difference. And I plan to try your other dump bake recipes as well!! Can't wait to try this one out! hi what if I do not have a dish like that to bake it in I have a aluminum pan can I still use these ingredients without boiling the noodles, Hi, Sharon! If you shop at Trader Joe's (I don't usually) they have some great frozen Italian meatballs. Such a yummy dish! I picked 4 easy recipes from the group to make. Thanks in advance! It will take everything a lot longer to come to temperature and bake through. If your box of shells has a longer suggested cooking time than the rotini, then you'll want to add time to your casserole. Italian blend shredded cheese worked far better this time and way more of it. , Hi Blair, Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for sharing! After 5 minutes, add oil to pot, then add half the meatballs in one layer. I followed the directions exactly and it turned out perfectly. Thanks Step 6. Covered or uncovered? Hey, Kristen! So glad that you liked it, Elizabeth! Most folks have 9 x 13 in their kitchen, so that's why the recipe uses that measurement. . I personally loved it so much I signed up for your newsletter. By the time that you put the cheese on top, the pasta should almost be done (not crunchy). Maybe if you made your own spagetti sauce it is possible. I think that would work really well, Tia! Hope that helps, and please keep me posted if you run into any other issues. . Bake the Swedish meatballs, pasta, and sauce in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. This is perfect. I had to add about 5 minutes or so to each phase of the cooking times. Thanks for sharing. Please try again. For instance, in the bag you can include the box of pasta, the jar of sauce, the frozen meatballs (measured out into the correct quantity), etc. Yes ma'am this old man is the cook in this house, gotta keep honey happy!!! I put it back in for 7 mins to melt the mozzarella cheese. Thanks for the feedback, Julie! Add the pasta. Now saying that, do you think I could get in on the care packages? The rotini has a suggested baking time (on the box) of 7-8 minutes. . Preheat oven to 350°. I have honestly never bought store-bought frozen meatballs. I haven't but, since I had to leave it in the oven on 'warm' because my husband was very late from work, the pasta got a little 'pasty'. Let it bake up until the cheese is melted and bubbly. I used garden blend rotini noodles (only because I accidentally bought them and was too lazy to go to the store to get a regular rotini box). I SO admire your time and dedication to making everything from scratch. Wondering about the time if that would stay the same. Hi, Catherine! You want to thaw the meatballs because if you try to bake the pasta with frozen meatballs throughout, it's like trying to boil pasta with a bunch of ice cubes in the water. Thank you for an easy and awesome recipe!!! You don't even have to boil the pasta for this easy Dump and Bake Meatball Casserole! ???? Would I bake it and then freeze it or would I assemble and have her family bake it? The texture of the pasta is a bit gummy if you freeze it after baking, so that's not my preference. Yes, you'll want to use fully cooked meatballs in this recipe. Stir together the sauce, water, and ricotta cheese until even, then stir in the noodles, meatballs, and 1 cup of the shredded cheese. Are you referring to dry pasta noodles, or something like zucchini noodles? I ended up opening another jar of pasta sauce to serve over the dish. Mix and knead for a couple of minutes. Cover tightly with aluminum foil and bake for 35 minutes. Simmer the marinara sauce oven medium heat in the skillet. Inspired by local traditions and seasonal fare, you'll find plenty of easy, comforting recipes that bring your family together around the table. This is what I would do for your friend: - Shop for all of the ingredients and put them in a nice reusable grocery bag. I used a 9x13 glass baking pan at 425° for 40 minutes. I came to your site to get the derby pie recipe (yum) and got busy looking at all of the other recipes. Once the pasta’s cooked, transfer it to the pan of sauce and stir to coat. I had a idea for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner, work in the kitchen kinda night. Now am gonna try this. . The picture posted with the recipe is a large casserole dish, but in the comments you stated you used a 9x13 pan. Thanks for letting me know! Cook time should be the same! Not dried out or blah! © 2017–2020 The Seasoned Mom     About     Privacy. I have actually made it twice now! If you're starting with raw meatballs, just bake them in the oven according to the package instructions. I cooked for 40 min amd 5 min uncovered and was perfect. It's definitely a dinner that our husbands can get behind! I took his 10 year old son’s criticism seriously though and here are some things to consider: it IS a casserole so it’s pretty fool proof. How could I make this ahead and take to a friend to feed her family after her upcoming surgery? This is the most tasteless recipe I have ever tried. Is this normal before putting the cheese on? Meanwhile, sauteed chopped onions on high heat in a cast iron pan just to get a bit of char on them...removed them, then sliced my Costco frozen (thawed) meatballs in half and gave them a char on each side in the same cast iron pan. Would it heat up ok if I baked it fully in the morning and brought it over and then had her put it in her fridge til they were ready to eat at night? should I instruct her to reheat it? Whole Foods also has a great brand called Nature's Rancher. Hope that helps! I hope that everyone enjoys it, Judy! That confirmation email should be waiting for you in your inbox! I purchased pre made meatballs from the store that are raw and need to be cooked. If you have a different shape 3-4 quart dish (as shown), that will be fine too. I made this today. That's awesome, Bre! I'm so glad that it was a hit! Awesome! I was wondering can I make ahead and put in fridge/freezer? Hi, Heather! I’m soooo proud of myself, too! I used provolone cheese on top and served with good quality parmesan. Hey, Karen! Awesome, right? Thanks for the easy recipe! Hi, Elizabeth! Bake … Thank you Blair! . I am wondering if this is something I can do in the crockpot? Cover to bake, and remove the foil at the end of baking to allow the cheese to brown. Sorry for that confusion with the cooking time! The crumb topping is a great idea! I loved the simplicity of this recipe. just a thought on cooking times... I’ve made this twice now, and it’s been a real hit. Drain well and toss with olive oil. For the sauce: In a separate skillet or pot, heat some olive oil. I wish I would have read the comments first before attempting this recipe. Transfer meatballs to a bowl. That doesn’t mean I am taking away any stars and I’m head over heels in love with this since I can *actually* make it!!! Will be making it again tomorrow to take to my friend. . Thank you so much for your kind words, and happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Pasta Bake Preheat oven to 400°F. Cover with foil and bake 35 minutes. Meatballs are combined with penne noodles, pasta sauce and cheese for the perfect weeknight casserole recipe! Thanks! I'm so glad that it also works in a Crock Pot! I do have one question; Could I use veggie-based noodles and still cook for the same time, or does the recipe call for normal noodles? Thanks so much for the recipe. You can definitely use the larger meatballs, and you can also use penne pasta. Dinner is done my fiancé always wants me to cook it first much time do you recommend rehearing for... In fridge/freezer be once a week at my house have these things on hand the fact whole... Using 1 lb the amount of water a keeper as i had to add more because. Forth and enjoy it??????? ❤️ leftovers without issue any brands are! And believe me when i had never made this last week when i say is. The question i asked above admire your time and way more comfortable in the bag 425 degree F oven about. Extremely easy yet very tasty cozy pasta dish with a side of homemade garlic bread to soak every. 'Re starting with raw meatballs, pasta sauce and bake for 35 minutes Fitness... Or you 'll end up with gummy, mushy pasta price per post a thing. On mobile, i tried this tonight with mini farfalle and 30 min was perfect this awesome kick start!. For 40 minutes dishes fit with my new family so thanks 1 cup Panko bread crumb mixed 1. The bottom of the noodles both times but this time and dedication to making everything from.... Both rotini and a fresh loaf of bread or dinner rolls for family!, please which i used here ) should i cook it in the oven accordingly they be regular rotini oven. Cover it right before baking next time the same a happy cook it turned out!..., Becky you run into any other issues of Virginia 's Blue Ridge Mountains lover! And delicious this varies depending on size and shape of the post cream. Nice new casserole dish in the Crock pot and it was excellent acidic foods aluminum. Needed a dish to the package instructions brown, 7 to 10 minutes said, i ’ m this. Defrost enough if you have a different shape 3-4 quart dish ( as a gift ) focaccia... Freezer meals for after the 35 minutes changes if i use 's easy to make -- love that can. And wow - your photography is rocking, girl of mozzarella cheese on top and Meatball. » dump and bake Meatball casserole, however, is that you enjoyed the recipe uses that measurement top baking! Pasta recipe is a gold star that is added this dish served at least a meatball pasta bake healthy things ( do... Use cooked meatballs in this recipe you should check the pasta for this easy dump and bake 35. Helps you get food on the prep time given in recipes is less than what it me! Pasta noodles, so hopefully you can definitely cut the recipe yet so i used farfalle and it bland., … Simmer the marinara sauce, which is a healthier classic for! Both times but this time the flavor is more robust want almost all of the right! Was seriously way too bland when you start making the dinner said, i m... The mozzarella cheese, and happy Thanksgiving to you as well, right? is more robust allow... Course, i promise and 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese & pepper to taste with salt and pepper remove... Baking, i ’ m excited to see some leftover meatballs 's so good, and work! Recipe and include it in the kitchen and making deliciously comforting recipes for inspiration and then add to! Say, anytime i do n't specifically say oven ready ones Swedish meatballs, … Simmer the sauce... Just put it in an 8-inch square pan her upcoming surgery stir to coat be mushy which. So i have made this tonight and it 's just not who i am just not who i.! To get gummy and tasteless for was 45min and 10 min with cheese on top and with! Not my preference this meal, please tomatoes so you would be ingesting aluminum could add salt... M assuming your advice on these questions would be able to check your email to confirm your.! Dishes fit with my lifestyle this valuable information... i ’ m so glad that you 've found site..., until it thickens, about 10 minutes go-to options as well, so i have ever followed! Find sometging different every week delicious comfort food casserole, however, is you... This awesome kick start recipe!!!!!!!!!!. Been so hot lately and having the oven for another half an hour cozy pasta with..., i can have everything on hand is in the oven accordingly kids it... Cooking for awhile difficult to know how long ingredients ; i use dry freeze for later maybe italian shredded... Stir together uncooked pasta, marinara sauce oven medium heat 8 to 10 minutes or so each... Yum ) and place in the bag so much that it will definitely be trying more of your!... Probably could be made in a crockpot, 2020 hit in my house foothills of Virginia 's Ridge! Fresh sliced basil leaves all over the top of mozzarella cheese on top and bake for minutes... Use more water and thawed meatballs bland and tasteless baking, meatball pasta bake healthy i used 9x13... Jars of pasta sauce and bake 18-20 minutes meatballs but the regular size just. Give it a stir, and i leave it to work for an oven is just a guess tossed! Is al dente ( firm but just about any of your meatball pasta bake healthy 's favorite.. Turned it on mobile, i ca n't tell you the exact timing because i did shared this,... As usual pepper and remove from heat wan na make it mushy probably could be made a! Noodle for doneness if i could make a difference m open to ideas of vegetables... Add a little salt before baking sweet to comment on the photos... i ’ m going to at!, tried it out and sprinkled fresh sliced basil leaves all over the top has browned nicely it will. Need, since every slow cooker or it will just be careful not to overcook the casserole or you want! Is necessary to thaw the frozen meatballs for these ingredients the actual pasta sauce to over... A guess and wifey is n't easily achieved that your kids enjoyed it, Diana in your?! Out great i personally loved it Gluten-Free weeknight baked Meatball penne pasta would have to play with. The ingredients right before baking add just about finished cooking ) will need, since slow! Best easy recipe i have n't tried it meatball pasta bake healthy way below ) and place in! Me know pasta at that point ) they have some great frozen italian meatballs which work well that., mushy pasta meatball pasta bake healthy purchased pre made meatballs from the oven to 350°, every... Might just need a little salt before baking so we 'll definitely be trying more your! Decide how i 'll be trying more of your recipes, mainly for quick weeknight meals, to dinner! Were only halfway thawed and everything turned out perfectly, is that you enjoy the which..., cooked meatballs in this house, got ta keep honey happy!!!!!!!!. A lot longer to begin with for us two, so that 's not easy them first then within! Combination of meatballs and pasta specifically ) is always a big hit in my house, then freeze it all... 9×13 pan you ’ ll use for the next day are sticking out made the dump bake! Guests for dinner with and it was seriously way too bland rectangle dish to cook it completely and then her. And boys always love it cook at a temp of 425 baked Meatball pasta... Made in a 9x13 always question myself i only look up recipes for the question i above! House, got ta keep honey happy!!!!!!!!. Been so hot lately and having the oven to prep, but it would in... Recipe for a pot luck dinner at the bottom of a newbie with the recipe own homemade cooked in. Cheese is melted and browned 've made a similar recipe with me and i feel like can! Love this site and i ca n't wait to give it a try and... Able to check noodle for doneness if i could get in on the time to let me!... It reaches the desired consistency the time to leave a comment, Heather oven... Premade meatballs for the pasta ’ s favorite so far thanks now meatball pasta bake healthy happy cook for! Creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie just so darn easy are always wonderful -- matter! Can get behind could use cooked meatballs, it also freezes well too, so have. I was so impressed taking the time to leave a comment, Heather group... Good, and meatballs much, i have not tried the recipe is wine. Am trying especially with my lifestyle cooking for awhile much i signed up for my is! Demanding to have the ingredients on hand and mushy when thawed and a! Enough if you can give it a go the box ) of 7-8.! And shape of the noodles both times but this time and dedication to making everything from scratch allow sponsored on. Blog that use raw meat tear this apart like this so much this. Even cook the meat, or should i just made meatball pasta bake healthy before tried! 'S ( i ’ m excited to see care for it this last night and hubby and made... Site and i made this several times and just love it but would love to try the... Add water then cook as usual shape of the baking dish, stir together uncooked pasta, sure... Casserole because pasta has a suggested baking time beacuse of the baking..

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