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We will definitely be using Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling in the future and will certainly be recommending them to family and friends. Only qualifying equipment models are eligible. ements: equir aphic R Geogr: They have also done some general plumbing. The job was done thoroughly and all was fixed. • AnnMarie R. North Andover, MA plumbing. We have had no further issue since their visit. The chart above shows that $100 rebates are available for mini-split heat pumps with a SEER rating equal to or greater than 18. Highly recommend this company for any issues you may have for which they can assist you! Mass Save provides rebates for ductless mini-split ASHPs through its COOL SMART Ductless Mini-Split Rebate Program. We’ve been warm and comfortable ever since! Mini-split units must be qualified, listed with and certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), and meet the program SEER and HSPF requirements. The $300 rebate applies to SEER 20 or greater. Each family member gets to decide on his or her own temperature setting and is not affected by fluctuations at a central thermostat.  We highly recommend this company for all your plumbing needs!  AC is running smooth and cold. Offer valid 07/01/2011 through no current end date. Ken and his team did an excellent job – everything was installed as expected and has worked flawlessly ever since. I just wanted to say how good he was. h�bbd```b``� He was neat and clean and accurate AND showed up early to complete the job. Madeleine T. Winchester, MA appliance installation, furnace repair and maintenance. 1. I will definitely use them again if needed in the future. Our AC condenser was damaged by snow and ice last winter. Once the job was completed he cleaned up as he said he would. I will definitely continue using them again in the future! They were very friendly and professional. I wish I had made the change to Absolute Precision sooner. A program, offered through Mass Save, provides rebates of up to $300 on the purchase and installation of mini-split heat pumps. So i just wanted to send him a compliment. We recently had our heating system, central air and hot water tank all replaced. Honest and most helpful. Better price than others in the field. Learn more about mini-split heat pumps and ductless AC. For mini-split heat pump systems, for rebate purposes, rebates are based on the number of indoor units and the efficiency of the outdoor unit. Qualifying Product My experience with Absolute Precision Plumbing and Heating and Kenneth Roberts. Not to mention both my AC and toilet are running perfectly now. This program also offers rebates for the following: Heat pumps are an efficient heating and cooling option that feature an outdoor condensing unit, attached to one or more indoor air handling units with a series of very small tubing running through conduit. He was very thorough.  He explained what he was doing and he explained it well. I can’t say enough about the great service and high-quality workmanship we get from Absolute Precision. Fabio made the necessary repairs and now and the system is running perfectly with nice cold air venting across the entire house.  He was professional, friendly, knowledgeable–he really went beyond the call of duty to do the repair. Mini-Splits (a.k.a. All units must have a TXV or EXV to As you can see from all his 5-star reviews, Ken and Absolute Precision are the best in the business. He worked with us the whole way as we waited for National Grid to install the gas line (a multi-month long headache fit for a different discussion than this review) and helped us to secure the HEAT loan from Mass Save. I moved to Absolute Precision last year after I got tired waiting for quotes to replace our old boiler from my prior plumbing company in Wakefield. This week I needed some separate work done on a gas line in the basement and they responded immediately and did an excellent job cleaning up (someone else’s) mess. Ken Roberts is the best. 906 0 obj <>stream Call these guys based in the reviews and they were great! To our delight, Ken was able to order a new furnace, create space in his busy schedule, and have it installed and fully operational in less than 24 hours! 0 How The Rebate Works. Ductless systems are slim, quiet and economical, and provide advanced zone controls for greater room temperature flexibility. Once again, Absolute Precision came to the rescue and figured out that the part I needed was still covered by the original warranty — and would also save me from having to get a whole new furnace.  Subsequently, they have done several projects for me around the house including a new kitchen with a farmhouse sink and custom bathroom sink. They sent someone out within an hour of my call. �rk��.� Save money, improve comfort and ensure a cleaner environment with energy savings offers for residential gas heating customers.National Grid is offering incentives to customers to invest in energy-saving high efficiency equipment! The Absolute Precision team came back to my house multiple times to check their work, and after ruling out all the different possibilities they determined that it was the (brand new and pricey) range itself. A licensed contractor must install the equipment in order to qualify for rebates (with the exception of Wi-Fi thermostats, which may be self-installed by the customer). Mini-Split Heat Pumps. The work was top notch , organized and exactly what the quote stated. A fan is used to disperse warm air into the room at the desired temperature.  Ken and his team definitely didn’t disappoint.  No mess left behind, and all the repairs and replacements have held up well over time. He installed a water pressure booster on a platform in our basement that works great. ( like $2000 less for a larger heat/air conditioning unit). We are very happy with the level of service we received. While that was all going on, I then had a problem with my furnace. National Grid offers mail in rebates of up to $500 for energy efficient central air conditioning systems and air source heat pumps. I would recommend them to anyone looking for plumbing work. Had a water issue three days after moving into my new home. Haier Arctic Mini Split Rebates; Haier Arctic Mini Split Rebates . UNY Residential Gas: Enhanced Conversion Rebates Get Enhanced Conversion Rebates when you convert your home to natural gas heating Click Here to Download PDF. You should also ask your utility company about any rebate or incentive programs. Ken came promptly to give us an estimate, and he stood by that price. Their contribution to the successful outcome of all my construction projects has been invaluable. I’ve used Absolute Precision twice. When he was done, the only sign that he had been there was the installation of the beautiful new gas equipment and removal of the ancient oil equipment (no garbage or dirt of any kind left behind). I plan on using Absolute for service and maintenance going forward. Quick analysis and repair, straight forward price. National Grid heat pump rebate? The National Grid Coo  We have used them for the past 8 years for the usual plumbing needs and they have always come promptly and done an excellent job. Ken did a great job on my new heating system. He worked with us the whole way through dealing with National Grid, Mass Save for the HEAT loan, and installing the right equipment. %PDF-1.6 %���� Ken and his team were fantastic when our water heater recently broke down and started leaking water. 2018 RESIDENTIAL MINI-SPLIT HEAT PUMP REBATE FORM Save with rebates on mini-split heat pump equipment installed between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. They had great reviews for dealing w/ very similar emergency water heater replacements. Very polite service tech(Fabio). Ken from absolute Precision Plumbing came out and gave some sound advice that saved money. We would definitely recommend Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling. My parents hot water heater died on them this morning. He was patient when I had last minute questions and concerns. What to Expect from an Oil to Gas Conversion Your local electric and natural gas utilities and energy efficiency service provider are taking strides in energy efficiency: Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas Company, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid and Unitil. Lastly, I was totally comfortable writing the check…both for the amount and the service rendered! the only the sign that someone had been working was a little oil on the window shade above the dryer. Eversource, Liberty Utilities and Unitil Electric Customers Central Air Systems (cooling only) Ductless Mini Splits (cooling only) […] Give us a call at 978-774-8835 to get started. Among the estimates that we received, Absolute Precision wasn’t the best or worst price, but I chose them to do the work because I could tell right away that Ken was a friendly and honest person. They performed excellent work and were very fairly priced. At Energy Monster, rebates … National Grid is boasting rebates up to $500 each on ENERGY STAR® central air conditioning systems, central heat pumps, and high-efficiency ductless mini-split units for MA residents.  As an aside, I appreciated how fast and professional Ken was in returning my call, and scheduling the work. Offer … Thanks Ken! For electric equipment, you must be a MA residential electric customer of Cape Light Compact JPE, Eversource, National Grid, or Unitil. They are energy efficient while delivering personalized comfort to each individual room. Visit website to learn more AEP SWEPCO offers a mail-in rebate on the purchase and installation of select Air-Source Heat Pump - Split Systems. National Grid offers rebates of up to $350 for energy-efficient central air conditioning systems, central heat pumps, and mini-split heat pumps. I had a great experience both times.  My AC stopped working and I called them, they came out that day and had it fixed. We have used them multiple times, most recently to install a faucet. Fabio was courteous, polite, extremely professional, highly knowledgeable, and incredibly detail oriented. Check out rebates for amazing cost saving opportunities (see below) New Hampshire. It started as what was supposed to be a simple installation of a new range and dishwasher. Price was less than the estimate given during service call. Also known as ductless air conditioning the systems make use of an outdoor condensing unit connected to an indoor unit via a small conduit rather than bulky ductwork. ����X�>X�[_z�R�B��p8����� `����G�p[0����h�g@�v��z!�"m�}x#zo{���n~fjzanqV�����������(|��CB#S�"¶�LBt|rRbLl�R\FzaQ~�*+/7��������������Y]�T�تmh��vvtu�� �������J�eae-��:;:ع�zH��|O�����R�v��m+k����Fh��h�"�K��Ξ2W7w1W�+��3h���'����_$b���K����8� �~��4�J�]��=���9�ei5:@$�z,a�F��s�(� It was a pleasure working with you. All in all, this was a great experience. Here, you’ll find special offers on heating and cooling systems, lighting upgrades, energy saving appliances, and more. Christopher Stager Wakefield Heating system repair. Humidifier on my heater was leaking water. Short review – Ken and Absolute Precision did an outstanding job switching us over from oil to natural gas, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone considering having this done. He recently serviced my boiler and it runs perfectly now. Michael Goodwin North Reading Alpine gas furnace. Stayed true to his estimate, on time each and every day, neat and clean. Save now when you buy, and later on your energy costs.  Thanks, Ken, for being passionate about your work and reputation and for helping some new homeowners get ready for their next child! We’ve also got some great financing options, no matter what your credit score is! Enter your zip code to see what local rebates are available on Mitsubishi Electric systems. ... National Grid: Up to $375 per ton. Maryellen Conway Winchester, MA 01890 Water pressure pump. I have been using Absolute Precision for various plumbing needs for over 10 years now — and recently went through a period where I had a lot of needs! A licensed contractor must install the equipment in order to qualify for rebates. Ways to Save Local utility rebates and federal tax credits may be available for certain products, and Carrier offers consumer rebates during select times of the year. DSIRE is the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States. In warmer summer months the process is reversed. I was so very pleased with the work performed by Absolute Precision at my house in Middleton. Absolute Precision PH&C has been a critically important part of any construction project I’ve managed, whether it be for my own projects or for those I’ve managed on behalf of the property owner. Not only that, they came by in the early winter to check on the system and flush it at no cost. Has anyone taken advantage of the National Grid rebate for a high-efficiency mini-split heat pump? Steve M. Peabody, MA Boiler & Furnace Install w/ General Plumbing. Diagnosed the problem within 10 minutes. Anthony P., Const. I would not hesitate to hire them again.  He did our gas line for the new stove, he did the water for the dishwasher, refrigerator and all the filtration systems. endstream endobj startxref I plan on having them come out to look at my Central AC which needs to be replaced. Rebates & Incentives: heating and cooling, lighting and appliances, weatherization, building or renovating a home, financing, and additional special offers. Once the gas line was installed, it took Ken about 2 weeks to have all the gas equipment installed, inspected, and switched on. He answered all our questions and concerns, provided a timely and reasonable quote, installed the equipment in the time-frame promised, and responded immediately with a follow up visit to check the irregular firing of the new boiler. Rich A. My experience with Absolute Precision has been great. NYSERDA, NYSEG & National Grid Rebates on Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps 2020 September 1, 2020  He worked with us to stay pretty close to our budget for all we needed to get done: installation of a kitchen sink, faucet, disposal, dishwasher, shower valve, main shutoff, laundry sink, washing machine drain, and gas dryer. The person who performed this work was courteous and professional. He was the only company to give me a complete and accurate estimate. Ready to convert from oil to gas? After performing comprehensive visual and mechanical testing, Fabio diagnosed the issue and took the time to explain exactly was what wrong with the system, what needed to be done to repair the system, and recommended maintenance to ensure the system continues to operate at peak performance.  I have had consistently exceptional service from Absolute Precision. There is nothing better for a customer in need then to have a company like Absolute Precision respond in a timely manner and complete the job with quality. The first time to install a boiler and water heater and the second to install a furnace with air conditioning. Find money saving rebates and incentives for your clients. Ken was accessible and responsive from day one. Warm indoor air is captured and expelled to the outdoors while cool comfortable air is directed into the room by a fan in the indoor unit. K. J. Winchester, MA Water Heater replacement. i’m very pleased with everything he’s done. Knowing that I had everything so thoroughly checked out by real professionals gave me the ability to go back to the appliance company and demand a replacement range. Ken from precision was extremely responsive to a central AC issue I was having, called me back quickly after hours on a Friday. – Ken and his team are responsive, dependable and know how to keep the customer updated. Randy has been the plumber we’ve worked with most often – he always does a great job. The study can determine whether upgrading to energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment is the right solution for your business. Ken was recommended to me by another tradesman as the best plumber he ever worked with. The service he provides is the best. Great service in returning off-hours call and coming out. Winter weekends the worst time to have your heating units fail!!! Eversource and National Grid are both program participants so if you wish to take advantage of the rebate and you’re a customer of either of those utilities you should contact Absolute Precision. National Grid offers rebates of up to $500 for energy efficient central air conditioning systems, central heat pumps, and mini-split heat pumps. The next day, Fabio called 30 mins before the appointment time just to confirm he was on the way. Equipment Rebates & Discounts.  He also installed the toe kick heater, as well as the garbage disposal. “Air Source Heat Pumps”) supply our clients with clean, energy efficient, heating & cooling all over New England…and with our new Hyper Heat technology from Mitsubishi Electric, our state of the art systems provide total personalized comfort, year round: even in sub-zero temperatures. In colder winter months the outdoor unit extracts heat from outside air to warm refrigerant which is then transferred to the indoor unit. The technician was right on time, did the work in precisely the amount of time I was told it would take, and also walked me through everything he had done and was extremely articulate ( I am terrible at any tech stuff) with the future maintenance, etc. Fabio showed up on time, introduced himself, and went straight to work troubleshooting the AC issue. In our kitchen renewal he did our plumbing for the kitchen. Highly recommended. Provided quality craftsmanship at a great price for my home in Lynnfield.  As he and his team got started, I was a little concerned when our old countertop got cracked when we pulled the kitchen sink out after a test fit. These rebates are available to electric customers of Eversource, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Co-op and Unitil, while funding is available. I could tell he was doing really good work. Michael Barker North Reading New Heating System. Sue S. North Andover, MA Furnace installation. The quality of his work is impeccable. Both issues corrected with superb response and excellent service. The program administered through Mass Save applies to customers of program sponsors such as Eversource and National Grid. An additional qualifying factor is your electric utility must be participating in the program. Our water pressure had dwindled to drips because we are at the top of a hill and required not only a new water main line but new meter and relocation of the water main. Just book your installation with Noonan Energy and request your rebate on Mgr & Consultant Boston Suburbs & Cape Cod New House Construction & Remodeling. Absolute Precision Plumbing has a customer for as long as we live in Melrose!! Rebates are available for each mini-split unit installed as long as it meets certain energy efficiency standards. This was our first experience with Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling and we couldn’t be happier. $400 per ton. While the system requirements are generally less restrictive than those of MassCEC, the Mass Save rebate is only available to electric customers of the following utilities: National Grid, Eversource, Unitil, and Cape Light Compact. Very efficient!!! 821 0 obj <> endobj Help them boost their bottom line with rebates and incentives on the latest energy saving solutions for all types of residential projects. Ductless mini-split systems are ideal for small spaces, for matching home décor and for providing energy-efficient comfort. Boiler and water heater. Ken work based on my schedule with only a days notice. National Grid (MA) | 877-ESTAR 4 U (877-378-2748) Visit website to learn more National Grid offers a mail-in rebate on the purchase and installation of clothes dryers.  Will absolutely use them in the future. Tremendous to know there is someone out there to assist you in a moment of need and is quite responsive and does not take advantage ($) of the moment. 868 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[821 86]/Info 820 0 R/Length 162/Prev 716793/Root 822 0 R/Size 907/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream I highly recommend Ken and Mark for your plumbing needs. Excellent service from Absolute Precision.  This year we needed to replace our 33 year old furnace, and Ken and Dane, assisted by electrician Nick, came when they said they would, had the new furnace up and running with no inconvenience to us even though the outside temps were frigid, answered all our questions, and left the basement area around the furnace cleaner than when they started! Meticulously clean MUCH. Fabio was at my house this morning, he was there exactly when expected, explained everything to me, took the time to be clean and efficient. ... Air Source Heat Pump Incentives —Rebates for purchasing and installing qualifying central and mini-split … Thank you and I will not hesitate to utilize this company in the future. (water heater) With appreciation. 2020 residential mini-split heat pump rebates Save with rebates on mini-split heat pump equipment installed between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. We were beyond pleased with the honesty and workmanship. Work with a licensed contractor to install a qualifying product at a property with an active residential electric account with Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid or Unitil. He spent extra time to try and repair the hot water pressure in my house at no extra charge, which I greatly appreciated. Matt in Reading, Matthew Duffy Reading , Ma. Ken would check in with a phone call or message each day to keep me updated on the progression of the work and finished all the work in the time that was discussed.  He spent a couple hours going over the work we were considering, making recommendations, and giving some pro tips along the way. Adam Jacobs Melrose, MA Water heater replacement. He also gave us some great advice on future work to our heating system that Absolute can provide, which I will definitely take advantage of. For our customers on Long Island, National Grid offers rebates of up to $1,000 for installing efficient natural gas furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. 2. Each time they have been excellent. The $300 rebate applies to SEER 20 or greater. I would definitely hire him again. Barbara W Lynnfield MA Gas boiler and water heater. A licensed ... mini split ductless systems, for rebate purposes, the unit consists of outdoor condenser and indoor unit(s). I wish more companies were like them. National Grid Programs & Incentives.  I have not had a single issue since it went in 2 years ago. The ductless mini-split heat pump (“system”) must have a SEER rating of 17 or greater and a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) of 9.5 to qualify for a rebate, which requires an AHRI certification of the outdoor unit (condenser) and indoor unit (evaporator coil). They walked us thru the warranty and install timeline every step of the way. This includes Eversource, Liberty Utilities, NH Electric Co-op, and Unitil. Slim series of mini-splits from Mitsubishi. Ken was recommended by a friend for my new boiler and water heater. Service was prompt, and the unit has worked well ever since. Can’t say enough good things about Fabio and our entire experience with Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Excellent service – thank you! Everyone I worked with was totally responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The chart above shows that $100 rebates are available for mini-split heat pumps with a SEER rating equal to or greater than 18.  I was impressed that with all the putty, PVC cement, cutting oil, pipe dope, etc.  The new furnace installation looks like a work of art and each pipe is labeled for future reference. I’ve used Ken and his service for over 10 years and they have always been exceptional, responsive, and extremely fair in their pricing. Energy Star Discounts and Rebates. They came within hours of calling and they had us back up and running in less than 2 days (it would have been one day but for a Nor’easter that hit right after the water heater failed). I highly recommend them and will definitely be using them again for any plumbing needs. Our air conditioning system recently stopped working during the hottest stretch of the summer and we immediately contacted Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling. At Absolute Precision we recommend the Mr.  Ken gets right back to you, which is really helpful when you had emergency issues. National Grid offers equipment rebates for energy-efficient central air conditioning, central heat pump and mini split heat pump systems. National Grid. I found Ken to be very easy and accommodating to work with. Call and see for yourself. I called Ken very early in the am and left a message. I’m so glad he did my conversion. "��H;�~D�Z��5 R,D���`Y�� ��D���/@$WX�l�s0 The estimate was the best and I was leaning towards them because of my previous experience anyway. Mini-split heat pumps are used for both heating and cooling of indoor spaces. Excellent, timely service. You still have time to take advantage of the higher rebates until then, however. Both Ken and Mark were friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. I am sure they would not try to sell me a product or service I don’t need). It is more efficient than I actually expected, Sandi Austin Middleton, MA Mtsubishi Hyper-Heat H2i. Learn more about mini-split heat pumps and ductless AC. They do it just like I want it; it looks good and works well when they are done, and they clean up after themselves. They clearly take pride in their work. Mini split heat pumps (heating and cooling) ... , Liberty Utilities, National Grid, or Unitil. • Stephanie P. Middleton, MA AC service/repairs. NAc��#�YM����=�k^�V^��g:$�*��;�ߧM�T8�� This Spring receive up to $2,195 in Lennox and National Grid rebates when you have a new Lennox system installed! They had someone out to my folks place in under 1hr and the new water heater was installed less than 2hrs later.  Ken clearly takes pride in his work, even to the point of squaring up the gas lines that very few people will every see. They looked into all possibilities for the cause of the issue and although we could not definitively determine the source to due to layout of my home we were able to narrow it down and come up with a plan to narrow the possibilities further. Customers replacing electric resistance heating systems with energy-efficient air source heat pumps are eligible for an enhanced rebate, … The folks from Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling have been nothing short of AMAZING! ! Give him a call and I believe that you will not be disappointed. This dual benefit of credit and payment is granted to National Grid customers every month for 15 or 20 years, depending on the term of the tariff the customer chooses. Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Program—Financial support for completing an energy study to identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy costs and incorporate clean energy into capital planning.

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