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Just keep smiling!! ‘Are you … ‘Ouch.’ If yours or someone else’s feelings are hurt, call it as you see it. Loner over 1 year ago Reply 0. 2 1. When someone calls you ugly, reply with “are you talking into a mirror?” When you roll your eyes, I assume that you are checking for a brain up there and find yourself disappointed. Tell them that there is a cure for being poor but no cure for being stupid. I mean, we're talking about you sounding *seriously* stupid, and forever. 300+ Insults & Comebacks | √ Random. Sometimes you think of a witty comeback hours later and wish you’d had it at the tip of your tongue in time. “You should try it some time.” 977 51 10. by August_Parker. I write a social confidence newsletter which currently has over 10.000 subscribers. What should I use as a good comeback if someone calls me stupid? Send to Friend. Answer Save. 8. 23 Perfect Comebacks To Use When Someone Calls You Fat. ... Use this comeback if someone calls you a bitch or is always talking about you. Someone's been to Atlantis :3....CUZ ITS SALTY THERE 2. 5. me. You must have been born on the highway, cuz' that's where most accidents happen This comeback may help them realize the harm they are doing. over 1 year ago Reply 0. 5 years ago. Lv 6. As long as they're not manspreading , that is. Photo: Getty. Nah, jk. Nobody can hurt your feelings unless you allow them! “Nobody plans a murder out loud.” — lemonsoapgirl 3. “You only annoy me when you’re breathing, really.” “I don’t know what your problem is, but I’m guessing it’s hard to pronounce.” “I promise I will be right here if you are not. However, thinking of a comeback … Lv 6. #300 #comeback #comebacks #cool #emotions #fun #funny #haha #help #insults #interesting #life #lol #quotes #random #rude #sarcasm #sarcastic #situations #witty. Luna Rose. When someone sits down on a seat you were eyeballing, you get mad salty, even though they had a right to it just as much as you did. 3 1. A comeback if someone calls you a pussy "Well they say you are what you eat" – popular memes on the site If the goal of the joke was to make you feel bad, a thank-you is a good way to disarm someone who thought they'd get a rise out of you. It calls for you to be more “selective” and not settle for anything less, but the result can be well worth it. share. When someone calls me a bitch i say "I'm not always a bitch just kidding go fuck yourself." Thanks, sweetie!!!" Here are a few snarky comebacks that you might find useful. Lv 6. They wont know what is going on, they'll be confused.. plus if you don't give them the reaction they want (which is why they say that) then they'll stop. The great poet Ed Mabrey once told me that he does not talk about a problem without offering a solution, so today NegusWhoRead offers a short, 3-minute script that you should feel free to adapt to the specific situation when you are faced with the dilemma of what to say when someone calls you a “nigger.” Mr. Shawn. If you're dealing with someone who comes up with these 'witty' comebacks it's probably best to just ignore them. Top Answerer. Wow... [Look them up and down] God must hate you. Whether you're feeling salty about something yourself at the moment or you've just been dealing with a certain salty someone who's pushed you too … What someone says about you defines who they are, not who you are. Sam. This thread is archived. What to do when someone calls you ugly? Author. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. “That’s because you can’t hear me screaming inside.” — laurus85 4. Self. Storie. Archived. There are two different ways to react to insults: you can either come up with a good comeback to an insult or you can choose to ignore the insult altogether. Nov 23, 2016 - What can you say when some verbal bully says, "You're such a moron!" Save your energy, Go away.” Going harsh on the sycophants but if you really are someone important you definitely value your time. You know the truth. Tell them they are poor in the soul and mind. If you only worked rest of your body as much as you roll your eyes, at least you would be in good shape today. 1 Zayk132 Well-Known Member. Pardon me, but you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn. “I have this feature where I don’t need to say every thought that goes through my head.” — how_do_i_change_this 5. save. As I know, there is a kind of service that can remind you who and when does someone called you, when your cell phone can accept the message. One frequent question I get from subscribers is: “What are some good comebacks to use when someone makes fun of you?” This question reminds me of my days in middle school and part of high school when me and my peers used to constantly tease each other and we would always try to have really good … Otherwise you're just an a** How long did it take you to come up with that one? (and then leave), or "It's better to be born stupid than to choose to be cruel." With this comeback, you hope they can realize their statement has crossed a boundary and will stop once you call them out on their behavior. Vote for what you think is the best answer. "Oh hey, thanks." Sort by. One way to counter this at the spur of the moment is to get a major comeback then walk away. Mar 21, 2018 - If someone calls you ugly, use one of these comebacks to put the person in their place and walk away like a boss. However, if you stand up for yourself and use a sassy comeback, the chances are that the bully will think twice before messing with you again. The stupid of legend, if you want to take the long v Someone from Brisbane, Queensland, AU posted a whisper, which reads "What's a good comeback when someone says "why so salty?" “You are loud enough for the both of us.” — skyler4722 2. (If you know them) ask them to come closer and then whisper in their ear (one day this will happen to you, muahahahhahahaaha) 4. Lovely weather we're having , 4 inches of rain containing 500% salt with a acidity of 4 ... Well your pepper and salty m8! If you were bickering with someone and one of their statements was, ‘You’re boring’, then I would not attempt a comeback. with a confusingly cheerful smile, "Okay, bye!" Eight comebacks when someone calls you short at school: In school, it may feel like you’re alone when someone makes fun of you, especially when someone is calling you short. report. (Way more than I do). Are you tired of getting insulted by someone and left without a good comeback for them? Julian FUN & GAMES (Last Updated On: August 23, 2018) Being called ugly is a very hurtful thing to be said to. And, in the event that the person you wished were dead actually does end up dead, you're going to be the police's number one suspect, fam. 100% Upvoted. Relevance. 1. Jun 9, 2020, 16:30 EDT. You have to be extremely careful here, because if you try a snappy comeback and mangle it, the look of satisfaction on the face of your attacker will make you regret what you attempted, possibly for the rest of your life.Perhaps for the rest of your children's lives, too. If you're gonna be a smartass, first you have to be smart. I need a comeback for when someone calls me salty. Comebacks when someone calls you a party pooper. 1 2. 3. Share. What is your favourite salt comeback? See more ideas about Funny comebacks, Comebacks and insults, Sarcasm comebacks. Keep acting sweet, calm, and like they just did something nice for you. Well, if you are salty any comeback is gonna sound salty. Whether it was because we turned down some unwanted attention, or because we're being assertive, or speaking our mind, or simply because someone didn't like you. If the two of you were just hassling with each other, leave it. 1. 2 years ago. (Said as if they just gave you a huge compliment.) Share. You could say "Thank you!" "Everything about you is pathetic." 12 comments. Same, could be the dumbest comeback but: "takes one to know another" over 5 years ago Reply 2. Gorgeous. May 24, 2019 - Explore Wynslett's board "(Salty) comebacks" on Pinterest. 5 years ago. 12 Best Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly. Best comeback if someone calls you poor? hide. One of the hardest things fat people experience is … They'll think you're ape-sh*t but at least they'll leave you alone. I m fine being poor than being you. But I'll try to come up with something: "It's the best I can do, and it's 100x better than what you could do." 1. Share via Email Report Story Send. :o) Posted by 1 year ago. I need a comeback for when someone calls me salty. 5 Answers. Let’s be very clear – it is never a victim’s duty or responsibility to shout back. " 4. YOU ARE READING. Too bad you can’t Photoshop your ugly personality 10 Ways to Respond When Someone Calls You a Bitch Almost all of us have been called a bitch some time or the other. Dennis Bergkamp. Close. Rebecca Jane Stokes. Here are some best lines to try out: 1. 3. by August_Parker Follow. Comebacks are a rare and fleeting thing, as most of us will only think of the perfect retort to someone hours after they've actually insulted us. 5 years ago. Telling someone that you wish they were dead is not only a lazy comeback, but it's also grossly overused.

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